Production Park
16 October 2023

Production Park and Powerhouse agree deal to embed virtual production in advertising sector

Powerhouse in Leeds has announced a new partnership which will give the strategic content agency unprecedented access to Production Park’s world class LED virtual production studios and technicians.

The deal will see the XPLOR team at Production Park working with Powerhouse to maximise how virtual production technology can be used in new and creative ways by the advertising and marketing industry.

Phil Adlam, Head of XPLOR at Production Park, said:

“The deal with Powerhouse is our first big partnership with an ad agency, and an exciting departure for us. We have some of the best VP and Unreal Engine technicians in the world, so we can’t wait to see what the brilliant creative talent at Powerhouse can achieve, empowered by our technology and team.”

Neil Adams, CEO of Powerhouse, added: “This partnership represents a significant leap for Powerhouse. It bolsters our capacity and reach but also aligns seamlessly with our broader vision of pioneering sustainable, technologically advanced content solutions. We are excited about the endless possibilities this collaboration holds for us and our clients."

James Pierechod, Head of Creative at Powerhouse, added: “The deal with Production Park is a game changer, it gives us the space and time to really expand on how virtual production will transform how we capture content in the future.

“VP is still relatively new in the marketing sector, so we’re looking at entirely new creative use cases to make content capture faster, more effective, and more efficient. There are substantial environmental benefits to be made when shoots take place in a studio in West Yorkshire, not in multiple locations around the world.”

The collaboration follows Powerhouse's recent announcement that it has joined the Ad Net Zero steering group, signalling its commitment to reducing carbon emissions across the advertising industry.

Students from both the Academy of Live Technology and Powerhouse's training academy will also benefit from the alliance, giving them access to advanced virtual production technology and creative production techniques which will prepare them for the dynamic world of content creation.

At Production Park, we've built a global reputation for high spec studio spaces which are used by touring artists to build and rehearse their arena shows. The addition of Virtual Production facilities is a development of our studios offer, and the XPLOR team has already worked with Red Bull Racing to make Formula 1’s first entirely virtual produced launch film.

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