In June 2013, Production Park company Perry Scenic Creative designed and built a special "one off spectacular" set piece for the Killers, who performed their largest show to date at Wembley Stadium.

Perry Scenic Creative has worked with the US Rock Group over many years, producing a number of remarkable backdrops and set pieces.

A Nevada State crest was built and designed into the set, which incorporated the band's 2012 studio album 'Battle Born'.

This low relief sculpt and paint job gave the impression of a full 3D set piece and was mounted 50' above the centre of the stage. It was designed to be transported by air freight for the band to use on the USA leg of the tour.

Also created were two 36 inch high lightening bolts, which adorned the sides of the stage and were fitted with DMX controlled LED lighting to accentuate the edges of the shapes.