Brilliant Stages was commissioned by Sony’s creative agency, pd3, to create an iconic and unique experience at Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5.

The experience brought to life Sony’s global strap line, “make.believe,” and presented Sony as an entertainment brand to the visitors of T5. The brief was to deliver a structural aluminium helix sub-frame which was then clad with the traditional Sony satin black finish.

The Brilliant Stages team created a design using a framework made up of eighteen sections that inter-connected to form the helix. A recessed product shelf on the exterior of the helix along with TV mounting units, LED lighting trays and seating were built into the substructure in such a way that once clad, the feel of the design would be flowing and seamless.

The concept and realisation was deemed so innovative and immersive that pd3 scooped the Gold award for Sony in the Brand Experience category at the Marketing Design Awards.