The set for Jay-Z's Magna Carter world tour was designed and built by LS-Live on-site at our arena production rehearsal facility at Production Park, Wakefield.

A series of runways and risers came together in a full scale matrix of aluminium cubes fittted with LED blades and Pulsar ChromaPanels on top of a rolling house stage in a configuration that was mirrored by a flown system overhead.

The production crew arrived on site with 15 trucks of equipment and they took over every room in the facility for the duration of rehearsals; all 14 en-suite bedrooms, two production offices, catering area, gym, green room, en-suite dressing rooms, the dance studio (which was used for FOH programming), and the Saxon Suite which the band used for band rehearsals). We also arranged for chauffeurs for their team and were on hand 24 hours a day to respond quickly to any additional demands, such as last minute items for the set from our equipment rental department.

The tour also took advantage of Load Cell Rental's equipment weighing service as part of the LS-Live booking package. Rather than relying on estimates of the weight loads of their flown equipment, they obtained an independent report including the calibration certificates of all the cells, to ensure everything complied with the safety regulations of all the venues on the tour.

 Load Cell Rental installed clip-on cells during load in to assess the different weights once the rig was hanging. These are then removed upon load out causing minimal disruption to rehearsals.

Lighting Designer Jesse Blevins said: “Ben and his entire team went above and beyond. Anything we needed they were there for. Being able to tech and rehearse at their facility proved invaluable. Any changes or modifications that we needed could be addressed immediately. We didn’t waste time having to take anything apart and ship…that would have been time we definitely didn’t have.

 “The private bedrooms were very convenient and comfortable as well. Being able to go from FOH right upstairs to bed in five minutes was awesome, it maximized the little time we had to design/program.

 “Overall couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and very much look forward to working with you all again.”