Restaurant chain Itsu was keen to bring new excitement and visual prominence to their Heathrow Terminal 5 outlet. Cinimod Studio commissioned Brilliant Stages to help them realise this incarnation of their vibrant design inspired by Itsu’s butterfly motif.


The brief challenged Brilliant Stages’ unique design and fabrication team to come up with something spectacular. Translating the idea into reality demanded some really detailed work, including an organic single tube spine that forms a three-dimensionally curving tube attached to which are bespoke brackets. Cinimod added the light emitting polycarbonate butterfly wings and incorporated a custom lighting system to complete the design. A pre build on Production Park, our shared facility in West Yorkshire, ensured the structure could be assembled and installed on site in the tight timeframe designated.

The finished structure comprises a unique, floating, twisting sculptural form that creates a striking presence within the Terminal 5 building. This inspiring sculpture ‘Butterfly in Flight’ soars above the kiosk below, and its incredible form earned the top prize in the “Small Retail” category at the Lighting Design Awards 2012.