In 2014, the Brilliant Stages team were given the task of fabricating K.304, a ground breaking sculpture designed by world famous artist Frank Stella, who is known for pushing the boundaries of engineering in contemporary art.


Standing at 11.7 meters high and weighing 13.5 tonnes the enormous scale of this project provided the team with plenty of challenges throughout the 12 month build; but despite it’s colossal size, Brilliant Stages were still able to carry out a full test-build at their studio in South Kirkby before installation outside Frank Stella’s studio in New York.

The modular structure consists of sixty seven individual bespoke aluminium sections. These tailor-made parts were connected to comprise sixteen captivating wings, self-supported on a steel tube frame.


Brilliant collaborated with CIG Architecture on this project, who provided the pre-formed aluminium plates with continuous diamond shaped aesthetic features. These plates arrived at Brilliant along with a series of profiled wooden jigs and rolled aluminium tubes that were used to ensure the form was correct during the build process. We then used our expert knowledge in aluminium fabrication and construction to execute the build and fulfil the artist’s vision.

The Brilliant Stages installation team travelled to New York in November 2014 to carry out construction of the project alongside American crew supplied by the client.

Thanks to the test-build, installation went incredibly smoothly and all parties involved were rewarded with a piece of work of which to be immensely proud.