Production Park
18 January 2023

Def Leppard Turfmoor concert filmed at Production Park for Netflix’s Bank of Dave

This week Bank of Dave was released on Netflix, with epic final scenes of Def Leppard performing at a fundraising concert created and filmed in Production Park’s Studio 001.

The set was designed to look like it was at Burnley FC’s 21,000 capacity Turfmoor stadium. A collaborative, creative process, Production Park based 4Wall did all of the lighting, while Acorn Structures built the stage set, 3D Productions provided the stage audio package and Innovation Productions provided huge support to the set elements. The Studio 001 team were the production liaison and project facilitators, helping to shape the idea, working out what was possible, and were instrumental in the set up and smooth running on shoot day.

Studio Manager Scott Matthews said: “The whole process was about fostering a culture of collaboration. It was a great experience for the team to adapt and blend expertise in live events with film production. 

“We spent considerable time in planning with Tempo Productions before the week of filming. This included the most challenging aspect of designing an outdoor festival stage to sit within the parameters the arena-sized Studio 001 space, all while aiming for perfect camera angle positioning and the hosting of supporting artists – and all within budget.

“For Tempo Productions, our ability to consult and create a unique offering that married both live events and film was something they wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else.”

Bank of Dave (released 16th January 2023 on Netflix) stars Rory Kinnear (No Time to Die, Years and Years, Black Mirror, The Imitation Game, Skyfall). The film is based on real-life story about Burnley self-made millionaire Dave Fishwick, who set up his own community bank to help local people out during the 2008 financial crash, taking on the City of London to establish the first new British bank in 100 years.

The scenes at the end show a fundraising concert for the bank that did happen in real-life – although Def Leppard weren’t actually on the bill. The film’s director Chris Foggin said: “We needed a big wonderful band to bring the film together at the end. And I have a wonderful friend called Adam Gardener who works at Universal Music […] and then all of a sudden there was this chance to go and meet them.” He continued: “We had one day filming and what they brought to it was just fantastic.”

Watch now on Netflix here. (the concert scenes are at 2:53:39 onwards!)