Production Park
4 May 2023

Backstage Academy becomes the Academy of Live Technology

Higher education institution Backstage Academy was founded on Production Park in 2011, with the aim of training the next generation in live events careers. Since then the industry has been changing at a rapid pace; new creative and immersive technologies are reinventing how we produce live events and experiences. As Production Park and the wider industry evolves, Backstage Academy has recognised the need to evolve with it.

From May 2023, Backstage Academy is changing its name to the Academy of Live Technology. The decision to update the name and brand is part of a considered process of evolution to better align with the changing industry, reflecting the institution both as it is today and where it’s heading.

What the Academy of Live Technology teaches goes beyond ‘backstage’ and to the heart of creating live experiences and entertainment. From virtual production to live event design and everything in between, the specialist courses are designed to meet the demands of industry. 

The new name has been chosen to reflect the world students are preparing for. Technology drives our industry forward and is integral to all kinds of job roles – whether it’s using the latest equipment and software to design and deliver experiences, or managing and leading that team.

The Academy of Live Technology represents a place where students not only find their feet in the industry, but feel empowered to have an impact – a place where creative, technical and professional skills all come together to drive the future of industry.

The new name and brand come as part of ongoing expansion plans and developments both on and off the campus on Production Park, which includes the development of dedicated spaces for students and social spaces on campus, and curriculum changes as part of ongoing commitment to improve student experience. 

Academy of Live Technology is also opening a second campus at Rock Lititz in the US. 

At both Production Park and Rock Lititz, students are able to access global work opportunities, embedding themselves in the industry from day one and benefitting from award-winning international industry partnerships. The new, global brand will unite the two campuses and create international learning opportunities for students.

The ambition for the Academy of Live Technology remains the same – an institution dedicated to training the next generation of live experience professionals. But the new name reflects the breadth of how this is done. The word ‘live’ embodies the type of experience students have here on campus at Production park – they’re not just learning it, they’re living it.

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