The research department at Production Park is an innovative new space designed to support technologists, researchers, productions and designers with a state of the art collaborative previsualisation suite and immersive room, project incubation spaces, creative workflow & technical integration consulting.

Research projects and productions are at the heart of our vision. With three project incubation spaces we can facilitate researchers, productions, freelance operators, and designers with engaging offices which promote collaborative working. Each room comprises of 5 hot desks, monitors and work surfaces, high speed networking and comfort facilities.

Our previsualisation suite is designed around creating a flexible collaborative environment where media servers, lighting desks, automation platforms and creative content teams can bring production design and programming together. Featuring support for disguise, hippo, avolites, raynok, grandMa, maya, blender, cinema 4d, after effects, wysiwyg, blacktrax, isadora, touch designer and notch.Complimenting our offering is an immersive room, a 360º visualisation space where creatives and engineers can experience their concepts in a group context at scale. The space is interconnected with the previsualisation suite so collaborative vision prepared in the visualisation environment can be experienced in a new socially immersive context.

Our team have experience consulting on concert tours, formula one, architectural media facades, immersive spaces, corporate events, expos, trade fairs, building mapping, museum exhibits and installations. We understand workflow and systems integration, we share training and outreach and support a network of highly trained operators, content creators, project managers and consultants.