Live is the concept of an event ‘experienced at the time of occurrence, not recorded or artificially composed’. This is what drives us.

The idea that, surrounded by commoditised communication, the live interaction between a musician and their audience, between art and viewer, between human and human, will continue to enrich our lives and feed our souls. With understanding, live will be elevated by technology, not threatened, and its appeal will remain universal.

Production Park is all about interaction, co-working, collaboration and learning.

It's also about competition, and we proudly encourage companies in a common field to join our community and learn both by working together and by competing. After all, friendly competition and the ability to improve is much preferable to the sneaky competitor who follows you into a dark alleyway. Collectively, we have an obligation, and an opportunity, to challenge ourselves. By creating new technologies, defining best practice and most importantly by sharing our ideas with the emerging generations, we will ensure that our industry remains sustainable and relevant in the future.